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Ruh Design brings in two decades of experience working for agencies, startups, NGOs, and corporations. Creating thoughtful, meaningful experiences that help solve complex problems is our passion. We aim to find a balance between business goals, user needs, and technical feasibility in all our projects and enjoy working on both the macro and micro level of the customer journey.

Design Process
A creative, human-centered approach to problem-solving that starts with people
and ends with innovative solutions that are tailor-made to suit their needs.
  • Discover - Observe & understand the users; Identify patterns of behavior, pain points, underlying motivations & needs; Define problem statement
  • Ideate - Stay focused on the needs of the user and come up with several ideas; Keep the user journey in mind and not just the device that they will be using; think holistically
  • Refine - Create rapid, low-fidelity prototypes, wireframes or sketches of ideas; Keep the context or scenario in mind while refining the solution
  • Test - Get feedback early on from the users; Observe & learn as users interact with the prototype
Sample Projects

Garden Tour Experience


Ecommerce Loyalty Program Experience


Kiosk Experience for the Visually Impaired


Healthcare Website Redesign


Digital Movie Experiences


Parent Engagement Platform

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